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“My whole life has been reset through Kellie’s coaching services. Our sessions have exceeded my expectations. She has helped me to become rooted in my identity, as well as evolve body, soul, and spirit. Coach Kellie provides me with the tools and accountability necessary to assist in the achievement of the S.M.A.R.T goals I’ve set. I am beginning to truly thrive mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally and professionally. Through her life coaching services you will see the fruit of the work you put in.”

Mariah C.

“My life has had a complete reset, largely through the encouragement, Godly wisdom, gentle guidance, accountability and steadfast compassion provided through Kellie’s coaching. Kellie is all about forward movement and perpetual growth, which have greatly impacted how I’ve evolved as a mother and wife. As my soul is prospering I have also stepped further into my calling. I'm so excited others will have the same offered to them through her life coaching. If your heart longs for more out of this life, and you yearn for personal transformation so that you truly thrive and prosper, Kellie is the life coach for you.”

Kara H.

“I met Coach Kellie a year ago. My foundation needed resetting so that my soul and life could truly begin to prosper and that's the work Coach Kellie and I have done together. There has been uprooting and tearing down, but also planting and building. I’ve learned to simply rest in every area of my life, and the fruit of that is being manifested in my marriage, job, kingdom assignments, and relationships.”

Shantell J.

"Before my discovery session with Coach Kellie to start moving forward on my life journey, I had mixed emotions because I haven’t done anything like this before and opening up to someone is a little nerve-wracking for me. In the short first month of coaching, I have already been given so much good practical guidance. My heart and mindset have already shifted. Coach Kellie has the sweetest, most calming and caring spirit, it has made talking to her so easy. What I appreciate most about Coach Kellie is, she listens. She listens to understand and she always knows exactly how to respond with tools and practical principles to apply for growth and forward movement. For anyone considering Coach Kellie’s services, I suggest a discovery session, to help solidify your decision. I grabbed hold of her services and haven’t looked back!"

Makenzie E.

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